Tuesday, 11 June 2013

DD's pics ...

... from Sunday's 10 000 steps walk and our walk today.

(not DD's dummy!)

stride out

in pensive mood or am I just vacant!

not my car

I hope Catriona (see comments from the 9th June) enjoys her walk in the park today. We wandered into town, had a meal at Wetherspoon's, looked out from the Tower building,

said hello to the Tower ...

 and said hello to the sea.

a lot of vacant, pensive moods going on here



  1. I am very envious that you could walk so far in that style of sandal- I love them but they always make me sore between my toes.

  2. You look very nice (if thats you in the pink!), such a lovely day by the look of it for a nice walk.

  3. Just love the dress and hat! Completely my style!
    Jane x


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