Saturday, 2 March 2013

How come?

How come that my back or side is able to find the crumb in my bed but my hands can't?

How come that when I put the single sock from the wash in a safe place until the other one turns up, the other one never materialises and more single socks arrive to keep it company?

How come when tea is ready to be served no-one is ready?

How come as soon as I've cleaned the kitchen floor someone walks on it?

How come that as soon as I do a clothes wash and empty the dirty clothes bin, I find more dirty clothes appear 5 minutes later?

How come I'm asking all these questions? Is there really an answer to them?


PS Perhaps I shouldn't eat toast in bed!


  1. I have a drawer dedicated to odd socks. Perhaps some of them are yours!

    Lesley x

  2. My husband has to be the worst for filling the washing basket after I've done all the washing, aaaaah. If I do clear the surfaces he is the first to fill it again, aaaaah

  3. Perhaps there is no answer to them. One of life's eternal mysteries.

  4. Yes why is there always a crumb in the bed?
    Why do socks disappear? I too have a pile of odd socks and there is only my husband who wears socks here now!
    Yes why does is takes ages for people to come to the table when I shout TEA!
    Thats annoying when you clean the floor and someone walks on it!
    Yes why does the washing basket refill itself immediately its emptied!
    As they say on QI no ones knows!

  5. So many questions without an answer.

  6. The questions are more tricky than the 'what is meaning of life'. What a deep and thoughtful post..hehehehehe!
    Jane x

  7. Those are truly unanswerable questions! And should be filed accordingly!! Have a great weekend x

  8. a few of life's little conundrums, and I know who eats some of the odd socks, 1) washing machine 2) the dogs take them in the garden 3) Hetty the hoover and finally the sock fairy.

    We have lots of different fairies and monsters in our house that do these sort of things because when I ask Jay and the boys who did this or that ect, they all look at me with a blank stare followed by I don't know or it wasn't me!

  9. How come hubby can hear what he wants perfectly but plays like he is hard of hearing when I need him? Cheers!

  10. Ha, this post made me smile Mum, some of life's biggest mysteries!

  11. My husband was missing a sock from the wash last week, so we set the orphan on his dresser. He wore a sweatshirt to work two days last week. On the second day, he realized there was a sock stuck in the sleeve!

  12. I have a box dedicated to odd socks... occasionally two odd socks are similar enough to be paired up. Sometimes I contemplate throwing all the socks out and just buying identical ones!

    When the freshly-cleaned floored are walked on, when dirty washing magically appears when I've ONLY JUST got it all done, it can make life easier to see it as evidence of your loved ones being around! (I am grateful for them, after all. It doesn't ALWAYS work for me, but it does most of the time!)

  13. Life is too short to worry about the crumbs cause there really is something wonderful about eating toast and sipping tea in a cozy, blanketed bed. This post made me smile at daily family life. xxx


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