Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A little bit of what you fancy ...

I fancied a walk along the promenade.

Somebody fancied building another sloping building.

The council fancied a new Town Hall.

 They've already got one but that doesn't seem to matter.

I fancied the look of the sherry glasses in the junk shop. (Plus the sherry when I got home.)

I also fancied doing a little bit of graffiti on the sand.

... does you good.


  1. I fancy we swap our weather!
    Jane x

  2. Has your council tax increased to pay for the new town hall? The old building is so beautiful I can't imagine why they would want to replace it.

  3. Very artistic!

  4. I like the look of the sherry glass and the weather!!

  5. I don't want to sound like a whatever but it's not a new Town Hall. The current town hall will still be there, the council chambers will remain there etc. The new building is to be offices for the many council workers all over the borough (plus a lot of workers will be mobile so there won't be as many desk spaces as there are currently which should save cash eventually).

    Currently there are offices all over the place, the new offices will make everything more central. Until a couple of years ago BPL council was paying Fylde council in order to use Westgate House! (near the airport)

    Part of the hope of having the offices closer to the centre is to boost the local economy too so council workers will use the local shops and food outlets and spend their cash in the town. Afaik there's going to be a Sainsbury's on the ground floor too so there will be a town centre supermarket which will be useful to a lot of people.

    1. Thanks for that TD, I hope that it rejuvenates the town in that area.

    2. I hope so too, I believe (but can't say for certain) that if things go according to plan other things may move to that area too. I think on a very basic level it will give a better first impression when people leave BPL North train station, it was a bit drab before.

      I know not everyone likes it but I also love Festival House, every time I go past I wish I could buy a couple of nicer chairs for in the window of the wedding venue though!

    3. From inside the cafe the view is lovely especially when the birds come to roost on the pier.

  6. You are daft, but I like you.
    I gather from previous comments you touched a raw nerve/ So long as beautiful old buildings are preserved, I know they can be money pits, let them build new, so long as it is as equally beautiful, albeit in a different way.


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