Saturday, 16 March 2013

Can you see?

Can you see Morecambe in the distance and snow on the hills?

Look the other way. Can you see Heysham village?

Can you see the clear water?

Can you see the seagull?

Can you see the old church of St. Peter's? You can read more about it here because I've walked this way before.

Can you see the wonderful view behind the ruins?

Can you see the Observation Tower I visited earlier on this week? (It's not clear at all in the picture.) I did through my binoculars. It appeared to be under the sloping crane in the distance.

Can you see the the beginnings of spring?

And the yellow primrose? At least I think it's a primrose.

It's very difficult not to see lovely little cottages in the village.

We saw it all on a warm sunny day when visiting a friend who lives in the area.


  1. Nice pictures, it's always lovely to see Spring springing.

  2. Dear mum,
    You kindly dropped by and commented about bread making. I rushed over here to have a look at your baking blogs and have been severely sidetracked by your chocolate tray bake. Oh my goodness, I can't take my eyes off it. Can I make that every day instead?

    Sarah x

  3. You have taken some beautiful photos, I especially love No. 6. Thanks for sharing.
    Anne xx

  4. Be still my beating heart!

  5. Gorgeous places and would you ever tire of the views?

  6. Ahhh I'm lucky enough to have this on my doorstep! Small world! X


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