Saturday, 30 March 2013

Kitchen Window - March 2013

Not much has changed from last month except for a new bunch of daffodils and an Easter egg cup. Happy Easter. The plant is still up on its cookie cutter plinth because the window sill collects water. Whoops, I see I've not taken my compost bag (old bread flour bag filled with peelings) out to the compost. Tut, tut.

I promised Jill from Land of the Big Sky (put your glasses on now) that I'd take her on a tour round my artificial/dead flowers. At least you'll see some blooms.

I always keep the statice
from bunches of flowers. I can just see a poppy head there as well. Happy Easter.

These roses just get moved around from room to room and vase to vase.

This vase holds an assortment of items - wooden sticks that florists like to put in bunches of flowers, dead seed heads of flowers from the front garden - dead roses and the odd artificial flower.

You've seen these tissue paper chrysanthemums before. 

Here's another seed head this time from an allium plus a vase of wooden, papery roses.

More artificial flowers here plus a little bit more statice.  (It turns up all over the place.) Can you see more dead rose heads?

They are surrounding another allium head.

The 'odd' bunch brighten up the downstairs toilet!

The latest dead roses are the bunch DD received on Valentine's day 'displayed' in the Buddha bottle. The odds and sods are put in the loft room (my office, sewing room, crochet chamber, reading room, Lego centre, knitting den, music studio, dance studio!) with me.

The garden glass flower

Odd blooms and the plastic leaves
that puss cat likes to chew

Christmas blooms

DD's sweetie wrapper blooms

Note to self - please tidy up the table by the bed.

I'll show the live plants another day.


Welcome to my new follower. Hope you enjoyed the tour.


  1. Alive or dead/artificial flowers do brighten up your home and put a smile on your face. Thank you for sharing yours.
    Happy Easter
    Carol xx

  2. Dancing studio, now theres a thought. Well some I loved. Alliums yes, wooden flowers yes, paper chrysanths yes, even dead roses, still not sure of man made blooms, but they do their job in the gloom of winter. Thanks for the tour!! X

  3. Lovely colour, thanks for the tour!

  4. Sadly I have given up on the artificial flowers nowadays mum, they just seem to collect dust here. I dont know how so much dust gets into the house !! I loved the statice flowers in your home especially,I always used to grow statice but havent done for a few years.I might get some seeds when I'm next in the garden centre.Happy Easter mum!

  5. Hello Mum

    Many thanks for your comments on my latest post.
    A very happy Easter to you too.

    Like Anne I also gave up on artificial flowers and for the very same reasons. However I still have my two little cacti on top of the toilet cistern when they get dusty I just shove them under the shower and leave them to dry and they continue to look fine.

    Amanda x

  6. I love the allium heads, they are so delicate looking.

  7. Dried seed heads are so lovely - must try to keep an allium this year !
    I kept my dried out wedding bouquet & all roses given to me by husband for years ( think they might still be in the loft ! )


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.