Wednesday, 26 October 2011

So just let me be beside the seaside

Only a short walk today from the pub, where we had lunch, through Heysham Village to St. Peter's Church on the cliff. (Thank you to whoever took the video which I found on Youtube.)

The churchyard is on the cliff looking out to the bay.

It was one of the highest tides today.

These appear to be sandstone coffins for very little people!

Here's some more information.

 We liked the inscription on this gravestone.


Welcome to my new followers. I hope you enjoy reading this blog.


  1. What a wonderful place to be buried! Love the photos. Thanks for sharing Mum!

    Sft x

  2. I can't remember if we have been to Heysham, I am sure we have as Morecambe was a cheap day out for us down the M6 from Appleby......

    thanks for popping by and commenting,

    Gill in Canada, who is now a follower!!!

  3. What a great place ,wonder what they will put on my headstone lol hate to think...

  4. What a lovely peaceful place. Interesting graves to. dee xx

  5. Oh dear, what a shame! Who would want to be remembered in that way?
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. LOL That tombstone is my DH's all-time favourite and he swears he will have that epitaph on his grave! Once when we were there a very hot border collie was bathing in one of the stone coffins. An it's true that the coffins are were people in those days....Lovely post and now I know what to post about today ;)

  7. Love the inscription :) Wonder what the story was behind that one.

  8. I have just discovered you. What a rewarding and active retirement you are enjoying! I don't have a blog but will be visiting your delightful site again.
    Ann G. In Canada

  9. Seems a trifle harsh - would really love to know a little more about that epitaph. It's years since we went to Morecambe: maybe a trip back is in order :-)

  10. I love looking round churchyards and reading the inscriptions on graves, so interesting.

  11. I nice little video to go with the pictures. Thanks Mum.

  12. I've just found your blog through Mean Queen's. I really love Heysham and would love to live in that region when my husband can retire. I have spent quite a lot of time around their on cycling festivals, either based from the old Midland Hotel (before being made posh) and St Martin's College Lancaster.

    Another nice blog to add to my list. Thank you.


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