Tuesday, 18 October 2011


I hate sewing in the ends ...

... even though I've got help!

Maybe not.


  1. One of my absolute pet hates too!

    I love knitiing but I don't like the sewing all the bits together. Got to be done though.

  2. I agree, a friend that does not crochet or knit asked why not do them as you go along...well maybe that sounds good..maybe not lol I seem to have hours of ends at the end of every project except sewing I always remove the threads at the end of each row...I am wondering now is there a reason we do not do the ends as we go with our rugs or is it just the way we do it?

  3. I sew in the ends as I go as I couldn't face doing it all at the end. Your kitty blends in beautifully with your blanket. So cute! :)
    Anne xx

  4. This is my bete noir too...how much more pleasant is it to cast on something else than sew a garment up or even sew the ends in! I have 25 squares to sew together for a wedding present blanket next month so I cast on another washcloth instead lol

  5. One of my pet hates too. Your cats are absolutely gorgeous.


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