Saturday, 1 October 2011

All is nearly safely gathered in

These tomatoes are coming thick and fast. I've frozen them whole, I've made soup and now it's a pasta sauce base - onions, garlic, peppers, tomatoes and a few Italian herbs.

I'll freeze in tubs and these will be a start for future meals.

Doesn't it look colourful?

I did leave the last little lot that wouldn't quite fit in the containers for making into soup tomorrow. I've got some left over boiled potatoes.


  1. Yummy, I don't have a glut of tomatoes, well I do, but the grandchildren & foster grandchildren manage to eat them as fast as I can grow them.
    Hardup Hester

  2. Looks good.Do you skin your tomatoes before you use them?
    Debbie x

  3. Hi Debbie, no I don't skin them, it's too time consuming.

  4. that looks soooooooooooooo good.

  5. Looks delicious and will be welcome in the winter months.

    Sft x

  6. You are going to love having bounty in the freezer in the coming months.
    Anne xx

  7. Such a great idea to freeze them; I think I might borrow that one ;-)


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