Saturday, 15 October 2011

31 Day Challenge - part 2

8. Old duvet that had seen better days now gone.
9. Desk and drawers in the guest bedroom not needed anymore and now Freegled.
10. Does turning veg from the garden into soup count?
11. New home card made with recycled card and ribbon.
12. Old laminate flooring from the guest bedroom now gone.
13. Pair of flip flops now sent to the great flipfloppery in the sky (bin).
14. Boxes of bits in the office sorted - all pencils sharpened, all pens in one place and tested, drawing pins, staplers, paper clips and fasteners sorted and stored neatly away.
15. More bags made for Christmas.
Doing well so far - I wonder if it will carry on.


  1. I've just completed a similar six monthly challenge that I set myself to get rid of 50 possession by donating to the charity shop or gifting them to friends. x

  2. I think you have done wonderfully...I was given some fabrics by a gentleman on my postal run as his wife has passed away and he knew I crafted and quilted,some was a lovely velvet enough for me to make some nice heat bags and tissue covers to match,I did a challenge to myself to make pretties from it must be feeling really chuffed and fresh with what you have done so far..we will be watching....

  3. You are doing great! Really want to get into my decluttering again.


    Sft x

  4. Brilliant, keep up the good work!

  5. I really need to do this! We downsized and the garage we now have is bursting at the seams. How do you start?


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