Saturday, 22 October 2011

JS and CS

Oh my. The lady had a whole plastic linen basket full, FULL, of wool. I was tempted but I resisted and only bought a few (5) balls @ 50p each. I did feel a new granny blanket coming on ( similar to this) but I will not start it (no I will NOT start it) until all my other projects are finished.

Junk shop

I sounded convincing there, didn't I? We also bought a wardrobe from the shop to go in the bedroom we're decorating. This was a little bit more than 50p but considerably less than a trip to Ikea. 

These leather boots were hardly worn, fit and I liked them. I don't know when I'll wear them or what with, but I still like them.

Charity Shop - £4.50


  1. That wool looks lovely and I think you were very restrained to only buy five balls. I'm afraid I would have bought more.
    Anne xx

  2. Hello there Mum, thanks for popping over to my blog today. Lovely pics of your pussy cats. I grew up always having a Siamese cat in the house and intend to get one when my two have left home and I'm working less hours! Looking forward to getting to know you better. Sue x

  3. Lovely wool and those boots are gorgeous ;-)) Enjoy the rest of your weekend, dee xx

  4. You have done very well. Were these 'treasures' from your charity shop?

    I agree that you were very restrained only buying 5 balls of wool! I never find shoes to fit me in charity shops. Those boots are great and MAKE SURE YOU WEAR THEM!

    Sft x

  5. And yes, you can include the old carpet in the de-clutter challenge!

    I can never find cheap wool in any of our charity shops! Lucky you!

  6. Those boots!!! drooling here!! id wear them all the time My last pair died an overused mess.Please let me inherit/buy them when you no longer love them lol

  7. Lol a great find all round,love the boots and the colours of wool you chose are simply lovely.

  8. Those boots are stunners, you must wear them, you'll have everyone drooling. x

  9. Lovely boots, and I'm bad at not finishing projects before starting new too!xxx

  10. I've just managed to crochet my first square (thank you you tube !)only another 199 to go(i want a huge one for my bed )
    I love those boots, I can never find anything like that to fit my huge size 8 trotters tho !


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