Friday, 14 October 2011

Kitchen window - October 2011

Flowers - a thank you for help pressie
Peppers - given to us from friends (hot, very hot!)
Cucumbers - the last from the greenhouse. I'm letting the two that are left go to seed.
Cress - for salads
Yellow chrysanths left over from a larger mixed bunch.
Roller and paint brush - re-decorating (slowly) starting at the top of the house.
Rolling pin - rolled the crust for the meat and potato pie
Shell - not been moved yet
Plants - always there
Electricity monitor - monitoring (Turn the lights off quick!)


  1. A lovely domestic scene, and I'm loving those flowers in your yellow jug.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Anne xx

  2. I love your kitchen window somehow I think it makes us know that you are a homey person,lovely sharing.


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