Tuesday 19 February 2013

Showtime, folks!

It's Showzam - Blackpool's Annual Festival of Circus, Magic and New Variety.

These Grannies (Granny Turismo) hurtle thought the streets on their shopping trolleys entertaining the shoppers with songs, jokes and dancing.

In the Winter Gardens are small side shows and this gentleman who cycles round and round playing his piano. We couldn't quite work out how he turned corners. He even had his own teapot for light refreshment!

The Wookey Hole Youth Circus were great free entertainment amazing and astonishing us with 'their juggling, magic, riding unicycles, roller skating and acrobatics.'

These young ladies were performing high above us on material ribbons with no safety wires.

They were indeed a highly talented group of young people,

swinging and throwing each other around.

We took the Wonder Tour and were treated to a comedy walking tour around the streets. 

Street theatre which had us giggling and cheering at the ludicrous antics of the cast.

Click on the link above to see some videos of the shows. The ones we visited were free but there were also other shows, workshops and balls. There was plenty to do and see this week.

I also said hello to the sea and fed the seagulls with one of my 'failure' loaves. The gulls seemed to enjoy it and waited patiently for their dinner.

Our famous tower now has a new set of LED lights. 

This is taken from the loft window - not a very good
picture though.

Here's a better picture from the Blackpool Tower Facebook page.


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  1. Looks like fun!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Wow, so much going on, looks like it was lots of fun. The lights are beautiful :) xx

  3. I SO want one of those trolleys!!

    Great fun!

  4. I'm very jealous you can get to Showzam, every time I see something about it I want to go!

  5. L and I saw the grannies last year. It was a bit of a surprise as we didn't know anything about it. There was also a nun playing a grand piano. Will have to take a trip on Friday (she needs new school shoes)

  6. Great to have this in February!

  7. I love Showzam! It's one of the times of the year where seeing a nun drive past on a motorised glitterball doesn't raise an eyebrow!

  8. That looks like great fun, something there for everyone. The Tower looks like it's been glammed up with all those light.

  9. Oh Wow that looks great fun i love the shopping trolley gang :-) dee xx

  10. Looked like a lot of fun, particularly the Grannies.

  11. Hi Mum, looks as if someone had a good time! Doesnt the tower look good too?

  12. Looks Like Blackpool is getting into the summer season a bit early. It looks a lot of fun.

  13. I have not been to Blackpool for 20 years, it looks as much fun now as it was then. Grand children started to arrive and it was too far to take them from Norfolk. I just found you and am now a follower, between you and Meanqueen I do not know if my planned retirement date for the end of this year will hold up. You fill me with the desire to give up now.


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