Tuesday, 29 August 2017

A place for everything

It may not last but at the moment I'm trying to have a place for everything. Here's the new cupboard in the kitchen which houses tea and coffee stuff.

Teapot collection is in here as well as milk jugs, packs of tea and jars of coffee. Previously we had stainless steel shelves.

There's a place for all the plates on the shelves under the cupboards ...

and places for other items on the shelf or on hooks. Only the kettle is on the work surface at this end of the kitchen.

Other utensils are still hung on the rail above the cooker. The bright green thingamajig holds recycling paper and cans. 

In the family room there is a place for my glasses for watching the TV ...

and a basket on the table for things that go out to the garage.

The chairs hold blankets at the moment but they are not a permanent fixture. Can you see the place for the cat?

She loves her heated cat bed. Soon be turning chilly.



  1. The house is looking great. You've worked hard on it.

  2. It looks lovely and tidy. The heated cat bed sounds luxurious. X

  3. Well done! I am astounded. Amazed. Can you still get into your bed?

  4. I love tidy spaces, I grew up with every thing has a place. Your home is delightful.

  5. The floors look stuning too :D

  6. Organised at last I bet you are so relieved. x

  7. I like a place for everything but I'm not always good at keeping the inside of places tidy and well ordered. Every now and then I have a major clear out and tidy up but slowly it goes back to being a bit messy.
    Eloise at

  8. I love how everything is coming together. Good for you.

    God bless.

  9. Looking good, the floor looks gorgeous.

  10. All of my kitchen gubbins is in the dining room at the moment be ause we are painting the walls and ceiling. I've already decided that half of it is not returning! It'll be off to the charity shop. I don't neeeeeed four slotted spoons, but I've got four! Three mashers?? I don't even recall collecting them! Your house looks lovely x

  11. I find that its important to keep everything in its place if possible as it makes it so much easier to clean and as I hate cleaning its priority.
    The heating pad for the cat is a good idea, I have a couple of heat pads I will get out for the winter, then there'll be a fight for who gets one. lol

  12. I've missed blogging - reading this has inspired me to get off my backside and sort out the kitchen AND find my camera and get back to documenting my domestic journey lol!

  13. It looks really fab! My husband loves having everything out on the worktop (inc sauces, oils etc) and I find it difficult, so it is nice to see it all organised like this!


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