Thursday, 10 August 2017

Knee jerk reaction

Apart from making meals and nipping out for some milk, I have just spent today cleaning white paint spots off millions of black floor tiles in the kitchen using a Brillo pad and hot soapy water. As well as that I have cleaned behind (yuck) and under (yuck) the oven which was rolled out of its position for the 'grand clean'. The hob has been dismantled and cleaned to within an inch of its life. I'm a dab hand with cleaning with a toothbrush in all those hard to get corners. 

I am never, ever going to use the deep fat fryer again, nor the oven or the hob. I will not make the bread on the work surface next to the oven so that flour can cascade between the small gap between the two. In fact it might be better if I never ever make bread again or even cook in the kitchen at all then no pans will boil over, no fat will spatter and no crumbs will lodge in crannies and cracks. The cat will have to go as cat hairs stick to fans at the back of ovens. Maybe we should live off takeaways - no that will involve washing up and staining the sink. Perhaps we'll never eat again - that would sort out the problem. Oh, and we should not walk on the kitchen floor lest we leave marks and dirt.

Well that's sorted then. :)

Maybe not - the parquet floor is being sanded tomorrow and guess what that means? Small particles will descend from the heavens on to every available surface.

At least I've got very clean nails and hands.



  1. Small particles on all the surfaces youvevmade cleaned. I can find cleaning quite therapeutic at times and I know exactly how you feel!!!!!

  2. Still laughing!!! Ah the daily grind. x

  3. Oh heck don't remind me of floor tiles, mine are black not the best idea with two cats and a dog, it gets hoovered and mopped everyday but you wouldn't think it to look at blinking hairs everywhere 😂


  4. It's one of those jobs which are great once completed.

  5. Lol , This ade me laugh , I have a sister in law that has an imacutale kitchen but she doesnt even boil an egg lol , My kitchen floor is my bain with my health issuse i am always dropping things , I could do with cleaning it twice a day , Sometimes i do lol,Wish i could afford a cleaner xxx

  6. You make me laugh, cleaning the oven is on my "to do" list along with window cleaning. Now that our weather in Aus is getting better with a few sunny days I am feeling more like spring cleaning. Thanks for making me feel better about the chores.


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