Thursday, 24 March 2016


I've made a mistake. Whoops!

Number 12 on the Hunt the Pic should be

inspiration and not smell as that is number 19.

So here's the full list again.

1. dream
2. possession
3. passion
4. wonder
5. source
6. tune or song
7. wink
8. comfort
9. thought
10. glance
11. spectacle
12. inspiration
13. sight
14. beauty
15. arrangement
16. grace
17. weakness
18. elegance
19. smell or aroma
20. happiness

Silly me.

Thank you so much to the people who said they'd join in this hunt. I'm off to view all my pictures on my computer (well perhaps not all) to hunt some inspiration now. If there's anyone else who would like to join in this Hunt please view the previous post and leave a comment. Cheers.


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  1. I'm catching up on blogs, but going backwards to I've no idea what this is all about! You have me intrigued!!


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