Wednesday, 9 September 2015

In between

September is mostly an in-betweeny month - in summer but nearly in autumn (the equinox this year is on Wednesday September the 23rd). It definitely feels autumnal as the weather is becoming cooler but the sun is still shining, the veg are still producing and the flowers keep on blooming. I know that one blogger is wishing for autumn to arrive.

Today I tidied out my wardrobe (This Home Organising in my Filofax is still working! :) ) and put away some summer clothes. Looking at the ones that were left I noticed that the colours ranged from black to brown with nothing in between! It's a good job I like wearing black. My shoes and boots were organised at the bottom of the wardrobe and in a pocket hanger on the door. Having lost a bit of weight after my fall I even got into a pair of long legged boots that I was going to give to the CS because they wouldn't zip up - they do now so I'm holding on to them.

I also sorted out all my homemade cards today to make sure I had enough for Christmas (This Home Organising in my Filofax is now going a bit over the top!). I shall be making some more birthday cards (Note that down in the 'To Do' list!) to top up my supply.

For the next few weeks we shall be eating -

Corn on the cob


Delicious. Keep going summer for just a while longer.



  1. There's a definite nip in the air! My tootsies are cold n I need to hunt out my slippers!!

  2. well done sounds like you have been busy and well organised. Oohhhh corn on the cob my friend at the allotment has grown it this year although we were looking at them yesterday and there not quite ready yet but oh my what a stunning looking plant I am going to try and grow them next year. Enjoy yours :-) dee xx

  3. I have been looking at my winter clothes and thinking about bringing them forward in my wardrobe, but it's still September...............just don't feel right, too early.


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