Sunday, 27 September 2015

Car Booty

Only one more week left of the big CB sale this year. Here's today's booty.

12 rather large Christmas bows. I think each bow must be made of a full roll of ribbon. One bow has the price tag of £4.99. I paid £2 for all of them.

Next were some knitting needles, straight and circular plus 3 crochet hooks and a ball of wool. The wool was 50p and the needles and hooks were £2.

Following the Christmas theme I spotted a Country Living mag for 20p, Christmas cards for 20p and more ribbon - all 5 for a pound.

It looks like I'm getting prepared for next year too as I couldn't resist these Easter cutters for 50p.

It was all smiles this morning and the sun shone.

I've also managed to weed and cut down in the front garden, clean the brass and wash down the front door and outside downstairs window sills along with the front step.

It says in my diary

'Day of Rest' so I'm off to sit in the sun room and read my mag. Hope you've had a good weekend.



  1. You did well, I'm starting to look at Christmas stuff too.

  2. Oh Christmas is not Christmas for me with Country Living. I do subscribe to it but I just HAVE to have it for inspiration for the festivities!

  3. Very handy bargains. I like the cutters for Easter Biscuits

  4. Some good useful bargains, I love the bows very nice.

  5. Every thing is so much more fun when the sun is shinning, we have been out most of the afternoon on the motorbike.

  6. You can't have too much ribbon, good finds. I sat in my sun room this afternoon doing a bit of sewing. It was lovely and peaceful.

  7. Wow - you got some bargains there!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger


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