Thursday, 10 September 2015

A little bit of sitting, contemplation and observation

When sitting and contemplating on the loo, observing pussycattos and bits on the floor I often ask myself the question, "Who is it that is responsible for picking up the said bits?" Aha! I know the answer - me.

When brushing my teeth and observing the gunge around the basin who is it that is responsible for getting rid of the grot and making the sink sparkle again? Me!

While getting dressed in the morning who is it that is going to rid the skirting boards of dust first?

Guess who? Me.

Now with my super, duper Home Organisation in my Filofax these subjects could be a thing of the past. Just a little bit of time each day doing one or two tasks could open up the subject choices of my daydreaming. No fretting over cleaning for me - I have a system - not proven yet, I know, but going well so far.

Forget Fly Lady, here comes Miraculous Mum, who will take sitting and contemplating on the loo to a whole new level. Fret not now about bits on the floor and dusty skirtings and wonder at the sparkling beauty of the rooms around you.


PS The old toothbrush is my special service tool number 1 for getting into small crevices around plug holes, taps, windows and skirting boards. Works a treat.

PPS Is it only me that contemplates the room around me while sitting you know where?



  1. Nope - you're not alone - I also do the same contemplation when sitting you know where... bwahahaha.

  2. the shower is the place for me to contemplate. I try not to sit on the loo any longer than I have too!!

  3. I keep an ol electric toothbrush for getting into tight spots.

  4. My mind wanders when I am poo picking the alpaca fields, its surprising what you stat thinking about :-)

  5. I'm a bathroom contemplator too - some of my best ideas come to me when I'm in the bath! xx

  6. I too am a loo thinker and observer. Funny how much dust I can see from that angle.

  7. Stop in from "Green Fingers" I have a terrible time with paper clutter. I haven't bought a printer for while until I get my paper clutter under control...Why add to it.
    If you find the time stop in for some coffee.


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