Sunday, 6 September 2015

Each day

As part of my 'Household Management' strategy under daily routine I aim to tidy one cupboard, drawer or shelf. The dressing room table drawer beckoned and so I duly gave it a good tackling! I really don't know how it gets so untidy! :}

First of all - empty.

Next - sort.

I don't buy make-up so all those lipsticks must have
been borrowed from DD.

Throw the rubbish and re-home items that I don't want in the drawer.

This small wooden box was decorated by a friend of mine
and contains small items of interest.

This one contains small badge pins.

This one contains badges and bobbles (DD's again).

Hmm - I borrowed too many.

Now I can tick the list in my Filofax.

Job done!



  1. Good job, Mum. Looks great now and much easier to find what you need.

  2. I like to tick something off a job list too.

  3. I went through every drawer and cupboard in my bedroom when it was decorated earlier this year and everything's spick and span in there now. I just need to tackle everywhere else now.

  4. Oh please explain, because I cannot work it out. What is the orange stick with the yellow top, next to the pink hairbrush, please? It ,ust be important or it would not have survived the tidying-up - but I don't think I have one in my dressing table!

  5. great job done, all tidy again, good idea to break it down into little bite sized pieces :-)

  6. well done you. I need to start doing that!

  7. A job well done!....I should take a leaf out of your book as my kitchen draw is dreadful lol

  8. A job well done. So many lipsticks. Just like my mum but hers were not altogether and dad is still finding them in the strangest places as he goes through her things.

  9. A few drawers like this I must tackle mine now, well done mum, dee xx


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