Thursday, 26 September 2013


When we're old (I don't classify myself as there yet) and grey (I'm there underneath the colour) and unable to look after ourselves (debatable) do you think that the staff in the old folks' home will supply us with iPods, laptops, mobile phones (internet devices) so we can read our blogs?



  1. You heading there then? I have already made it clear to my nearest and dearest that no way am I going in that direction. As soon as I feel I may be I will organise a place which plays Queen over the tannoy, no bingo and entertainment regularly from something similar to The Full Monty. Otherwise its the vets.

  2. If they don't I'll be awfully lonely.
    Jane x

  3. Unfortunately not. But what a good idea.

  4. If the care home doesn't provide them then our offspring will just have to. Otherwise I'll probably be spending a lot of time moaning...

  5. Ha, to funny!! Blogs may go away like the old VHS tapes

  6. I hope so, or maybe I'll just be content to doze in the sunshine, who knows?
    At the moment I would hate to be without my needlework and my blog.

  7. I have wondered the same thing and also how they might cope with a vegetarian resident! My mum in law is in a lovely care home and they have recently installed a computer with a giant mouse and keyboard. Of course they are trying to show residents approx age 80 who have never used one before whereas we will all be more techno minded by then.


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