Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Jolly nice

My friend and I had a mini jolly to Poulton last week just for a walk round and a pot of tea. She took me to see the railway station.

Very pretty. What a site to send you off on your journey ...

or to greet you when you arrive home.



  1. Oh, I know Poulton station. My daughter and I used it about 8 years ago when we came up to stay in Fleetwood for a few days. Last time I was up that way my husband and I drove so no need to take the train. It does look well maintained, and very pretty.

  2. With living in Canada, "Jolly Nice," is not a phrase I hear much anymore, very British, and Jolly Nice!


  3. What a pretty station, and lovely planting.

  4. Oh so many fond memories of Poulton. I used to go there regularly with my Mum.
    Looks as nice as ever, thanks for sharing, it warmed my heart.
    Pam in TX.

  5. My brother lives in Poulton and loves it!

  6. We went to Poulton for the first time this year, it's so cute!


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