Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Done ...

... all the squares.

Now I've just got to crochet them all together and crochet an edge.

I should have 22 rows of 16 squares. There are some squares that haven't been done correctly. Can you spot any? One's got 3 clusters on one corner. Silly me. (I can't spot it now!)

Click on the 2012 label to see the story of this blanket.


PS A very warm welcome to my new follower who is also enjoying her retirement. Yeah!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your blanket finished as it looks nice now.

  2. Fantastic mum. I do think the hardest job is to come for you though! I'm afraid I couldnt spot the slightly odd squares but I'm sure had I made some mine would have been among them, I'm not very good!!

  3. Wow, mum, this will look so good, looking forward to seeing the finished product,
    Joy x x

  4. Those squares are all perfect! x

  5. Such lovely colours, it will look wonderful once it's joined together. I wonder which method you'll use.

  6. these are gorgeous! I still have a "Granny squares" throw that my Nan made about 40 years ago. She taught me at the time, but I can't remember how to crochet now,

  7. The blanket will look wonderful, can't wait to see it finished. Just about to check back and see the story behind it!


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