Friday, 27 September 2013

Everything but the kitchen sink

There are not many times that I can clean the kitchen sink and leave it pristine. There's too much going on around, on and in it. I've only taken pics of a few activities but the list is endless. Here we have the breadmaking utensils to wash,

the veg to peel.

the lights to take down and clean,

the cat sick to wash out (cat lovers will understand this one) ...

and the sandwiches to make.

I use the sink as a bucket for when the floor is mopped, to soak pots and pans so they will scrub clean easily, to wash clothes, to water plants, to bath the baby, to ...

what else?

As soon as I've cleaned the sink another task arises which necessitates mucking it up again. Hey ho!



  1. Noooo, not the cat sick, that's what buckets are for.

  2. When I left home and moved into a bedsit, I sat on the draining board and washed my feet in the sink.

  3. I understand the cat puke for sure!
    Jane x

  4. I love the shape of your light.

    My sink, as with the rest of my house, generally has some hay in it.


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