Sunday 22 July 2012

One Lovely Blog Award

Kate from GTMTC has awarded me this One Lovely Blog Award. Ooh lovely!

Award  Criteria

a. Thank the person who nominated you on their blog - Thank you so much, Kate.

b. Tell 7 things about yourself - What do you want to know? I've already told you 7 things about myself here.

OK here's 7 more.

1. I have a very large stash of Lego (from DS's and DD's childhood days) that I'm reluctant to part with. My excuse for not de-cluttering the Lego was "When I retire I'll make all the models again." I did retire and I've not! Yet! I must give you a peep sometime. I love Lego. This lot's quite vintage now.

2. I had a heart attack 5 years ago which makes every day now a day worth living. (Take care of your diet and keep up the exercise.)

3. I like picking scabs! (Better than picking one's nose, I suppose.)

4. I love having a bubble bath.

5. I've still got the tier stands from my wedding cake - we've just had our 38th wedding anniversary.

6. When I fold my arms my left hand shows and when I clasp my hands my right thumb is over the top of my left.

Gosh, this is hard.

7. My stash of wool runs to 2 large drawers full, 2 smaller drawers full and 3 baskets full. Hmmm!

c. Nominate 15 blogs and then tell them of their nomination - This is difficult aswell. Lovely to me? Lovely to look at? Lovely coochy, coochy coo?

All your blogs are lovely. I know - if I put 'lovely' in a comment on your blog please accept a 'One Lovely Blog Award' from me. I'll keep a note of the blogs and then list them later. 

That's another fact about me - I'd rather tackle a job in small steps rather than try to do it all at once. More successes that way.


  1. What fascinating facts Mum! With each award, I feel like we learn a little more about you! LOL!

    Thanks for passing it on to me. I will post about it tomorrow.

    Sft x

  2. What a great award, you really are lovely!


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