Monday 16 January 2012

Right Angled Granny Triangle

I've only seen crochet patterns for half squares which don't look like a complete triangle ...

... so I experimented with patterns of my own. So far I've come up with 2 ways, one a little more complicated than the other. Here's the first one I tried. As you can see the clusters are smaller along the hypotenuse.

Here's my second attempt. This one is easier to make and the clusters are all trebles as per a normal Granny Square. I've not tried a larger version yet.

The reason I wanted a Right Angled Granny Triangle is (I'm sad) because I wanted the layout of my 2012 blanket to be a slightly crazy one with odd shapes and squares going here and there at different angles.

Here's one way of fitting in my Granny Rhombi. I may make them to zig-zag round the edge of the blanket interspersed with equilateral triangles.

Here endeth the Mathematics lesson on trigonometry, shape and tessellating. :)


  1. Just like a crazy quilt, unique and challenging.
    Wonderful colours too.

  2. Your blanket will certainly be unique.

  3. I love the granny triangle and rhombi. How clever. Makes the edge of the blanket look lovely. I'm goind a giveaway over at my blog x


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