Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Be Prepared

Two cards made for up and coming birthdays using card and other bits and pieces from my stash of crafty bits.

I'm not always this prepared and more often than not forget birthdays altogether!

I hope I don't forget these two though.


  1. They're lovely. I do love home made cards.

  2. Very nice. What type of glue do you use?

  3. Well, that was a big elbow in the side. Decision made to make all my cards this year. Panic. Brother and sister in law just moved and sister in laws birthday week tomorrow. Bum.

  4. Toffeeapple, I use a Pritt stick to glue the cards. I'm afraid I cheated with the dried flower inserts as they were recycled from older cards. I have some card blanks but I tend to use recycled card either via car boot sales, throw out card or Charity shop finds. I don't buy much from proper craft stores.

  5. How lovely they are! Whoever gets them will be very lucky!


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