Friday, 20 January 2012

Kitchen window - January 2012

... and the tale that goes with it.

Got the right card for my friend?

Yep. Homemade - she likes that.

Got the right present for my friend?

Yep. Flowers - she likes those.

Got the correct date to deliver them?

Whoops - er - no. Only a week out.

Never mind. I like flowers in the house.

I'd better not forget the next birthday!

Welcome new followers. I hope you enjoy your visits.


  1. Oh dear, but it can happen to the best of people. Pretty flowers.

  2. Nice and cheerful - just what you need with the miserable weathering your having...

    Sometimes these things happen for a reason :)

  3. lol how sweet, at least you did remember...

  4. A good excuse to go flower shopping again. I love your white tulips.

  5. Flowers do add that perfect bit of tranquility to the home don't they.
    Especially when Old Man Winter beckons at the door.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Just one of those "Senior Moments"!

    Lovely flowers though!

  7. Never mind, at least you have some lovely flowers all to yourself.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Well two out of three ain't bad :)

    I must be a bit strange as I really don't like flowers in my house,I love to see them outdoors growing. In the past I worked in several residential homes for the elderly and we always seemed to be inundated with flowers when someone died, so for me it started to be associated with sadness.In my last job I was a sheltered housing manager and was always being bought bouquets of flowers, my mum loved this as I would take them straight around to her house.My favourite flowers are freesias, I'm planning to grow lots this year :)

  9. Flowers are a great gift. I love them. We all have senior moments.

    Sft x


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