Friday, 19 August 2016

It all went to mush

It's 'grape season' at the moment and I'm busy chomping my way through the hundred bunches on the vine in the greenhouse. I thought I'd try grape juice the other day so here's one version. 

Take the grapes off the bunch and place in a container (not a bucket). There's no need to take off your shoes as a masher will squash the grapes quite adequately.

Mash away.

The resulting mush can then be strained through a sieve and the resulting juice - 


It's a bit cloudy as I only filtered once and probably pushed some of the mush through the sieve but the resulting juice tasted just fine. I exercised my arm muscles too!




  1. We've actually got some grapes on our vine this year. I'm hoping that there will be enough to make a small quantity of grape jelly. They are far too sharp to eat.

  2. I tried to plant grapes once, but didn't have any luck. Your grape harvest looks wonderful.

    God bless.

  3. That last photo is beautiful ! Enjoy the juice ! xxx


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