Saturday, 13 August 2016

For Lisa

Crocheted Veggie Bag

Using thin crochet cotton and a suitably sized hook make a foundation chain of 42 or however wide you want the bag to be.

I crocheted in UK trebles for 58 rows then folded the resulting rectangle in half and double crocheted 2 sides together. 

I double crocheted along the folded base and back up the other side crocheting the other 2 sides together.

I then reverse crocheted around the top to give a fancy edge. Just double crocheting around the top would do.

For the 2 pulls I did a foundation chain of 100 and then slip stitched along and fastened off. 

The pulls were woven around the top about 3 rows down and the ends fastened together. Pulling both these pulls together will close the top.


Hope this is of help. Just get in touch if the instructions are not clear enough.



  1. What a good idea to store veggies. Thanks for the instructions! Have a great day! :) Judy


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