Monday, 29 August 2016

Good for the heart

Vegetables and fruit - good for the heart, essential for a healthy diet. My pickings today will go towards my lunch and tea.

For lunch I shall make courgette and tomato soup with and onion and potato added for extra flavour and texture. Bung it in soup is always the order of the day so the onions will be softened in olive oil with everything else then added plus a veggie stock cube. Whizzed with a whizzer this will make 4 portions of soup, one lot today and one lot for tomorrow.

The courgette had grown quite large (very large), (along with 2 others), so I had to slice, de-middle then cube it.

My runner beans will be a veggie addition to our roast chicken tea with roast onions, tomatoes and courgette as another offering. Can't wait.

Later - we've just finished lunch and the soup was good. I think I'll write up this combination in my Foodie Filofax utilising my planner pages from I rescued from the CS. (See My Filofax Blog).

Also good for the heart is a really sunny day and guess what? It's a really sunny day today. We're off out to the garden centre this afternoon. Now that's good for the heart too. 

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  1. A visit to the garden centre is good for the soul as well, not so much for the pocket though.

  2. A day of using up garden produce is always good for you.

    God bless.

  3. Hope you had fun at the garden centre, I'm sure you did. I've started making soup again for my work lunches, cant beat homemade soup x

  4. A productive day there - both of your time and the garden's goodies too. I'm feeling hungry now after reading this post! xxx

  5. All those lovely veggies. I've really missed my allotment this year but I wouldn't have had the time to give it the attention it needs.


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