Friday, 29 January 2016

Blog trailing

I thought I'd go on a blog trail today and what better place to start than here, a new thrifty blogger who's just setting out on her blogging journey. Thrifty left a comment on one of my posts and revealed that she was a fellow Filofaxer. Her post on her thrifty find in a CS endeared her even more.

From here I pressed on to Simple Living who is one of Thrifty's followers. She's also one of mine (at least I hope she still is what with the decline in follower numbers). There was a bit more organising here on her 26th January post.

I found my next stop on Simple Living's blog list - my empire of dirt garden - what a fabulous name. Her post on Bullet Journals from 13th January caught my eye.

The end of my trail came here, to Second Hand Susie's blog. I admired her whole approach towards sustainable living. Her post on most of her wardrobe being given over to second hand clothes reminded me of my wardrobe with most of the clothes from the CS or second hand and her post on 'no-poo' intrigued me. I've read quite a bit about this subject before but never heard of using a plant to help! (If you haven't the faintest idea of what I'm talking about just follow the link.)

Now what trail shall I go on next?



  1. thank you so much for mentioning me. that has made my day xx :)

  2. Hi Mum thanks for the mention, I do the same, there are so many wonderful blogs out there, one leads to another, blogging is very addictive and such fun x

  3. It's a lovely way to lose a couple of hours and enjoy yourself as well.

  4. Thank you so much for visiting and mentioning my blog :D

  5. Thanks for sharing these blogs...interesting visiting them.

  6. I like to blog hop now and again but then my reading list goes up.
    Regarding lost followers, Ilona's post last night may shed some light on what has happened.

  7. I'm popping over to SimpleLivng right now because I see she has flap jacks, fat rascals and fairy lights on her blog. All of which are highly attractive to me!!


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