Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Snowman Crochet Garland Tutorial

Last year I made a Christmas Tree Garland and the year before a Snowflake Garland. This year it's going to be a Snowman Garland with the basic snowmen made as follows. (UK crochet terms)

1.  BODY - Crochet 10 dc into a magic ring. Pull the end and slip stitch into the first stitch to make a circle.

2. Crochet 2 dc into each dc. (20 stitches) *

3. No need to slip stitch to next round, just continue with [2 dc into the next stitch followed by 1 dc in the next]. Repeat the bracket instructions until you have crocheted 30 stitches. Slip stitch to the next stitch and fasten off. Sew in the ends.

4. HEAD - Crochet as for the BODY up to the asterisk * then slip stitch to next stitch and pull about 6 inches of wool through the loop.

5. To attach the head to the body put right sides of head and body together and slip stitch into the back of about 4 or 5 stitches. Fasten off and sew in the end.

6. BUTTONS - Thread a needle with black yarn and sew 3 French knots for the buttons, wrapping the yarn 4 times round the needle. The pictures show how do sew the French knot. 

Pull yarn from back to the front and take a small stitch
next to where the yarn comes out. Wrap the yarn 4 times
around the needle.

Holding the wrapped round yarn, pull the needle through
your fingers so a knot is formed.

Pust the needle to the back to secure the knot.

Move on to the next button.
7. EYES and NOSE - Sew 2 French knots for the eyes but only wrap the yarn round 3 times. The nose is a chain stitch.

Yarn up from back to front. Take a stitch and wrap yarn
around the needle.

Pull through and secure the loop by pushing needle
through to the other side and fasten off.

8. To make the scarf ch 25. Leave a long end at the beginning and a long end at the end to make a fringe.

Thread the end of the yarn through the end of the scarf.

Tie a knot around the end of the scarf.

Cut the loop and the end of the yarn close to the scarf.

Unwind the yarn to make the fringe.

9. EARMUFFS - Ch 25 leaving a long end at the beginning and end to sew the chain into earmuffs and onto the head.

Make 25 snowmen for the garland.

Different features and hats can be crocheted for each Snowman.

10. TOP HAT - Ch9
Starting in 2nd chain from the hook slip stitch 3.
Ch1, dc in next 3 stitches, ch1, turn.
DC 3m ch 1, turn.
Dc 3, fasten off.

To count up to Christmas the snowmen can start off without their scarves which can be added each day. For this year I shall give DD a single snowman each day and at the end of 25 days I shall crochet them all together to make the garland. See if you can spot a snowman in the December posts. Click on the Advent Calendar label to view them all or click here.


I am linking my Advent Garland to KC's Court this year for a really Advent Bloggy Christmas!


  1. Lovely snowman, I shall have a go too
    Thank you for the link
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  2. Brilliant. I didn't know what a French knot was so I've learnt something new too. I shall be watching for the snowmen in your posts.

  3. I can feel a Christmas garland coming on when I've discovered where my husband has tidied my crochet hooks to.....

  4. IRYPT and still can't crochet!
    Jane x

  5. What a lovely idea, and I really love those ear muffs. I shall have a go at this, thank you :) xx

  6. that is adorable, I will watch for the snowmen!!

  7. Its fantastic mum. I will have to have a go at one or two of those.

  8. What a good idea, Your tutorial looks easy to follow.

  9. I love the snowmen I'm going to print this tutorial.
    Thanks Mum.


  10. Totally delightful. I shall have fun looking for snowmen !

  11. I just found your blog through Anne's marmalade and catmint. Great tutorial! X


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