Thursday, 28 November 2013

Lucky me

- the flowers I bought myself the other week are still going strong. I cut them down today and put them in a smaller vase.

I did the same with DD's flowers. They'll last another week for me. Aren't they colourful!

- my tomatoes are still turning red and I picked these this morning. I'm not watering the plants and I've just left the unripe tomatoes on to ripen in their own time. I'll give the plants another week before I cut them down.

- part of my prize for winning a guessing game at Apple Blossom Dreams arrived this morning. I won some free wool and a heart form to make a Christmas Wreath. I know what I'll be starting tonight. Thank you so much Astri and Annette.

- I have some more followers. Hello and welcome. I hope you enjoy your visits.



  1. Flowers sometimes last a good couple of weeks and beyond, especially if you cut them down as you've done. I can't believe you've still got tomatoes ripening, we're nearly in to December don't you know. Mine were gone a while ago and now I'm quite envious.

  2. Looks like a florist's shop in your kitchen!!
    Jane x

  3. Lucky you, well done for winning the competition.


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