Thursday, 24 November 2011

What I did Today

I was the one who made the morning tea today aswell as the toast.

Tidied away the supper things from the front room.

Wiped the kitchen work surfaces and tidied up the kitchen.

Took the cats a walk in the garden.

Put out the recycling and emptied the kitchen bin.

Ironed and put away a small pile of clothes.

Swept and wiped the kitchen floor.

Made morning coffee and lemon.

Hoovered downstairs and dusted the front room.

Walked to the doctor's to collect a prescription and while out also popped in on the Charity Shop!

Sorted out soup and fruit for lunch.

Made teas and lemon drinks at regular intervals to keep us going.

Prepared veg for this evening's roast chicken dinner.

Entertained an unexpected guest - more brewing up!

Continued making covers for 2 Freegled chairs.

I'm sewing slip covers so they can be washed if needed.

The material came from this haul at the Charity Shop.

I've still the hem to sew and then give them a final iron.

Now here I am blogging a bit.

Just got to eat a roast dinner, have a bath then it's computer, crocheting and reading time followed by TV then a little bit of supper - oh and a little bit of wine to round off the day, (purely for medicinal purposes of course).


  1. Sounds like a good day to me. Particularly writing the list of things after you have done them. Oh and the wine down...

  2. What a great improvement on those chairs! Well done. You've done a lot today, I've done nothing other than get my hair cut.

  3. Wow you've been a busy bunny today - love what you have done with the chairs - beautiful! Scarlett x

  4. Those slip covers are really lovely, I wish I was that clever!

    You've been so busy today, me? I just did a bit of pottering and got my hair cut!

  5. Wow, what a productive day! I'm looking at my floor needing cleanded. I'm going to ignore it and go upstairs to make my rag dolls. I managed to persuade the wee man (4) to help me with the hoovering yesterday.

  6. They look wonderful, what a fab transformation. x


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