Sunday, 6 November 2011

What a job!

It only took all day ...

... for DH to fix the broken grill and for us to clean the oven.

The doors and front panel had to come off and the new part fitted.

The oven and shelves have now been cleaned and look like new.

I am never ever going to cook or bake again. That way it will stay clean. :)


  1. I absolutely hate cleaning my oven! Pity we have to keep using them!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. Slightly more than two years ago I bought a new oven and I have used it four times but never to roast. So it is still clean. I have never used the grill in it! I can see why it took you all day, you deserve a treat now, don't you?

  3. A job well done. Cleaning the oven was supposed to be one of today's jobs, hubby usually does it for me, I'm lucky, but he ended up cleaning my leather suite and helping me at the allotment instead, the oven will have to wait for another day.

  4. Hi there Mum, so happy you blog hopped into my little space, your oven looks like new......much impressed.
    I'm making a quick cuppa then I'll take a little wander through your lovely blog.

    Bea xx

  5. My oven hasn't been cleaned in a while, but carbon isn't that bad for you.... is it??

    I'm suffering oven size envy when I see yours though. It's about half the size of my entire kitchen!

  6. Cleaning ovens, urgh!! I'm sure you're glad it's done now though. I recently cleaned my oven and am reminding myself to wipe it out after everytime I use it. Well that's the plan anyway.
    Anne xx

  7. it looks beautiful and new now doesn't it! Can I ask what you used to clean it?(ps I think we have the same oven.....). Mine could sure do with a good scub before Christmas onslaught of roasts!

  8. Simplemiss, the rails and shelves were soaked in a caustic soda solution - not something I would recommend if you don't know what you are doing. DH is well up on chemistry and the whole process took place in the garage with strict safety precautions. If I were doing it myself it would be a lot of elbow grease and Brillo pads for the shelves. The top and exterior I do with soap and water, soaking the removable bits in the sink. I line the oven with a plastic oven sheet from Lakeland Plastics and I also put an old roasting tin in the bottom to catch any overflowing casseroles etc.. We didn't clean the sides of the oven but I did attack the inside of the glass doors with very light strokes of a Brillo. I think keeping on top of the cleaning is the answer.

  9. yes i think you are right (hangs head in shame!). My shelves and rails go in the dishwasher which works well. I will get some brillos for the oven floor and invest in an oven sheet I think.


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