Thursday, 3 November 2011

Experimental cake

I thought this cake would have been a good one to make for the Tea Party. It has loads of things in it that we shouldn't really eat in large quantities but it had Toblerone as one of the ingredients and we like Toblerone ... and it's nearly Christmas isn't it? And I don't eat a lot of cake! Really!

It's from another old Country Living magazine and is supposed to be a tray bake but I did mine in a square cake tin. I'll post a recipe if anyone wishes. It was declared a hit.

Someone had to lick the bowl out.

Back to the diet.

PS Welcome to my new followers. Please enjoy browsing around.


  1. Mine too!! Please post the is low calorie, isn't it????
    Love Debbie x

  2. Id love to see the recipe!

    K xx

  3. Wow, that looks delicious, no wonder it was declared a hit. I'm quite partial to a Toblerone too.

  4. Yummy toblerones and chocolate, two of my favourites.

  5. You really shouldn't, I mean Should, post the recipe for that.PLEAAAAASE

  6. Looks like the son in laws dream come true lol.

  7. OMG what an amazing cake. Trying hard not to lick the screen now...


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