Thursday, 15 September 2016

Spot the marker

Why have a marker in the garden? This particular marker is tied round a corn cob which will eventually be harvested and saved for seed for next year. Our corn kernels germinated much better than bought ones this year so we decided to save more seed. The cob is marked with a bright orange bow. Spotted it yet?

Here it is tied around the largest corn cob.

These two will be eaten for tea.

The Lidl cut and come again lettuce that was planted a while ago has now matured into large lettuce plants.

It saves on trying to sew fiddly seeds. The small lettuce plants for 60 something pence grow really well.

So does Lidl mint.

Our potatoes have stayed in the ground long enough and have grown really large. All the top leaves have died down and it's quite difficult to spot where the potatoes are. Perhaps I need some more markers!



  1. Your corn looks marvelous and boy that bright orange bow was hard to spot in the first picture!!!

    God bless.

  2. I bought a lidl lettuce and planted it. It did quite well for a while. I may try it again. I have posted on my blog about sweetcorn issues so pleased for you that yours has turned out well. Hope mine is ready to eat soon, yours looks great as do your spuds!

  3. I love Lidl lettuce seeds, I always get brilliant crops from them.

  4. Great crop of sweet corn, mine never cropped as good as yours xx

  5. Eeeeh I have NEVER thought of planting those lettuce! Genius idea. THANK YOU!


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