Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Must do

I must polish the brass every week. Grandma used to come and do it every week and so I must - I feel that Grandma is watching and making sure I do!

Shiny knobs are very satisfying. The brass looks like new once polished. :}

I must recycle the string that holds up the tomatoes. I very carefully take everything down and knot the various bits of string together to make a new ball ready for next year.

Each year most of our toms are held up with very knotted string. My large cone of string has been going for many years because of this re-using.

I must take down all the tomato plants whether finished or not because of ...

… DRY ROT. Both window frames and the roof have parts eaten away like this. This frame has been taken out and is currently being made to look like new. DH has been working non-stop in order to make the greenhouse safe. Large bits of machinery are making much din in the garage.

I must finish now and take the cobs off the corn, put them in bags and freeze them.



  1. Harvest season seems to be upon us with a vengeance. I am off soon to dice peppers for dehydrating.

    Hope your DH gets the greenhouse fixed up very soon.

    God bless.

  2. Good idea to keep the string. We got through 3 balls this year!


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