Thursday, 8 September 2016


It's been a wet and windy day here. On my To Do list for today was - 

* garden
* bread
* bedrooms

The bread has been made

and is currently baking in the oven but today was definitely not gardening weather. All I've done is pick some corn for tea and grapes for afters. I then concentrated on some serious bedroom sorting.

Knickers, bras, bags, scarves, gloves and shoes have been tidied, summer clothes put away and winter woolies taken out.

Wardrobes and contents of drawers have been straightened.

In the craft room I took stock of my material stash, folded, refolded, chucked and put away so I could see everything.

I found some Christmas material that would be ideal as a table cloth.

I still hoard this lace which is ideal for cafe curtains (I'm never, ever going to make cafe curtains) and the broderie anglaise fabric is so pretty (no ideas for that at all).

I've noted a few jobs to do such as make some re-useable bags for Christmas out of the shiny materials, start another cot blanket (found some more fleece backing) and look through my dress patterns as I've plenty of fabric. 

There, that's the list well and truly sorted!



  1. You put me to shame. I now list things I have done .

  2. You are so organized. Can't put summer clothes away yet, I'm still in shorts.

  3. A really productive day for you I love the new look, the fire looks very welcoming x

  4. The bread and corn look delicious! And I love your fabric stash! Must sort mine out, but the weather here is far too good to be inside!! :)

  5. Love the lace and broderie anglaise fabrics. So pretty.

    God bless.

  6. Everything looking ship shape. A very productive day.

  7. I love a stash of material, to get your sewing machine out and make gifts is a perfect way to spend your time.

  8. I'm not putting my summer clothes away yet. Still hoping to have a warm spell! : )

  9. You've had a busy day. I'm still hanging on to summer so I'm still in summer clothes, it's still warm here.


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