Monday, 19 September 2016

Hunt the Pic - Day 1

Here are the first 4 pics in Hunt the Pic week. Please visit the blogs of the other contributors who, hopefully will leave their link in the comments below.

1. Dream

We may dream of a perfect garden but the reality is that weeds grow, grass gets long, slugs eat plants and gardening can be back breaking work. I like a place in the garden just to dream about - oh, having a gardener, I wish I had my book out here, when's sherry time?

2. Possession

He will always be in my possession - my first teddy. He's called Panda (very original) and he's mumble, mumble years old. Threadbare and no squeak but still in the bedroom at night.

3. Passion

We had a passion flower climber for many years but it did not survive one winter. DH, however has managed to grow some from seed so we'll have these beautiful flowers in the garden again soon.

4. Wonder

The earth and its beauty.

More tomorrow.


  1. Love your photos. I have posted my first 4.

    God bless.

  2. Lovely pictures to start the week. I will do a post today

  3. Panda is just lovely!

    I have posted my pictures today.

  4. Great photographs. I have a panda (called Panda) too. X

  5. Your panda looks very much like mine. I'm off to look at other people's pics now X my first 8 are up!


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