Friday 10 June 2016

One, Two, Three out of Ten

Let's play a never ending chain game. Here's the game and you can only score up to three out of ten. Everybody wins. Good game? Why not join in. Here's my idea.

I have put together 10 items, homemade, given or thrifted from the CB or CS. There is only one item that is new to me. I will send these items to one person who may choose up to three items to keep. They will then have to replace those chosen with some items of their own (no edibles or perishables please). Now it will be their turn to post on their blog to find another recipient. Once found they will send them ten items with the directions I have just outlined (I've repeated them in italics at the end of this post.)

My ten items are:-

1. A frilly, knitted scarf

2 - 6.  A Christmas stamp, dolphin cutter, wooden bookmark, fancy paper notebook and a pink necklace.

7 - 10. A crochet book, a packet of Christmas or greetings card blanks with envelopes, a new hair slide and an Egyptian themed stamp

This idea may or may not get off the ground as it depends on who is interested and who wishes to spend money on posting a small parcel. I'll set up a page to record each step of the parcel's journey and we should be able to view quite a few new to us blogs along the way.

So here are the directions for the:-

One, two, three out of Ten Chain Game

1. Leave a comment to be in with a chance of receiving the parcel.
2. Choose up to one, two or three things from the parcel and replace the items to make ten.
3. Comment on the One, Two, Three out of Ten Chain Game page when you've received and sorted out your new package and posted on your blog.
4. Decide whether to post just to the UK or to the world!
4. In your post make sure you have these directions.

I am only posting to the UK because of the weight of my package so my apologies to readers from across the seas.

Please leave a comment if you wish to have a chance of receiving this parcel.



  1. Good game, good game. Count me in, I would stick to the UK as well, postage costs are exorbitant even to Europe.

  2. I'm not sure that there's anything I'd use (especially the hairslide!) so don't count me in but it's a great idea and one that I might use on my own blog! xx

  3. Would love to join in with this novel idea😄

  4. Would love to join in with this novel idea😄


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.