Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Should I keep a log ...

… of books that I have read? It's not as if I write a very good review so I don't think it benefits anybody but me in that it reminds me that I've read the book. My memory isn't that bad and if it was and I picked up a book that I'd already read then I wouldn't remember and would think it was a new book anyway, wouldn't I?

This book was a lighthearted read where nothing much really happened but it was fairly interesting anyway.

There, that's it, my review for what it's worth. I've read some other books which I've passed on and not commented on so perhaps they are not all that memorable.

We're reviewing the Foxtrot at dancing at the moment and our instructor was telling us that the dancing started off on the fourth beat of the bar. Of the people I've danced with no-one has started the dance off on that beat. Perhaps we are doing it all wrong. When he was explaining and then dancing he wasn't exactly practising what he was preaching. I'm off to look at YT videos to swot up on timing now. At least I know that I'm the one who dances backwards!


PS - Dawn - I left a reply to your comment about the vine.
PPS - A very warm welcome to my new follower.

(My welcomes aren't that very inspiring either, are they?)

Hey, Homemaking Tales, I'm really pleased that you are following me. I've had a pop over to your new blog and read your first post. Dive in there and keep posting. If your interests are the interests of others you'll find some virtual friends in no time. Happy Blogging.

(Is that better?)




  1. Sadly I've never got around to much dancing as Tom has a two left feet, but I still love him ha ha.

  2. I thought your welcome was indeed warm and welcoming x

  3. Haven't danced (on purpose) for years... I do keep a book list since I found myself in possession of three copies of the same book. Saves money that way, lol.

  4. I have become so lazy bookwise. I'm reading a chapter a day of Game of Thrones because I'm hooked on the TV series! My Kindle is dusty and uncharged. I'm a disgrace!

  5. I started to keep a log in January 2013 and have found it useful as I am also a member of a book group. I would like to say this has stopped me buying/downloading duplicates of books-sadly this has not happened! Catriona

  6. This year I started using Goodreads, an online book listing. You can list the books you've read, want to read, reading, etc. There's also a challenge each year to read X number of books. I started at 25 but upped it to 50 as I was closing in on the 25 already. It gives me a chance to add new books I want to read so I don't forget them (a problem I have). You might look into it.


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