Saturday, 25 April 2015

Little bits

Little bits of leftover veg went into my veggie stew along with the ends of 2 sauce bottles and some relish. There's enough for 2 more meals now. 

The little bits that are sprinkled on my muesli are kept in my small jars. There's also the little bit of sugar that was left in a packet and some rice.

I'm still using little bits of left over wool for the blanket (now re-named as the Rainbow blanket) and I'm un-doing previous crochet attempts that never came to fruition.

I knew that I'd find something little to be kept in these mini ice cream tubs which I brought home from the circus. I also keep my chopped up lemon in one in the 'fridge.

I couldn't throw away the little bits of spoon that came in an Easter egg, nor the little forks I pick up when we have fish and chips on the prom.

There are always 'bits' left on the work surface when there is a busy working kitchen. I decided to display mine before they went in the recycling bin in the evening.

I like my salad chopped into little bits which I mix altogether. DH likes it all separate.

My dressing today is mixed in a 'finished' mustard jar. The last little bit of mustard is shaken up with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and a squirt of lemon.



  1. great use of those little bits and bobs, I do like the sound of that salad dressing will have to try that next time I am at the bottom of a mustard jar :-)

  2. We all have bits, nice to see what you do with yours.

    1. Marlene, my little seeds of Cucamelon have finally sprouted, the first sowing didn't take. So, hopefully, I'll have little 'bits' of melon to eat during the summer.

  3. Definitely no waste not, want not in your kitchen :) Have you thought of using those plastic spoons / forks as seedling markers?

  4. I like my salads mixed together in a bowl too. I have today thrown away some of the same little purple spoons from my cutlery drawer. They were cute though I must admit.

  5. it's those little bits that add up and saves us a lot of money over time.

  6. That's funny - I like my salad all mixed up too and hubby likes his separate. Hadn't actually thought about it before!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. It's surprising how useful 'little bits' are .... and how much money you can save by using them up. It's very satisfying too isn't it, to make good use of them.

    I always find that displaying food little bits in glass jars mean they get used up too, instead of having a cupboard full of almost empty packets.

  8. You have some wonderful ideas for using little bits. Especially like the sound of your salad dressing.
    Anne xx


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