Tuesday, 21 April 2015


I've been having fun with my new to me iPhone 4s the past few weeks. There's such a lot I've missed out on  - I know now why people get glued to their phones to the exclusion of everything else! Play, play, play - 

* taking selfies. Why? I know not but I do know that ten zillion selflies have to be taken and viewed and scrutinised in order to find a semi decent picture to post. Where?

* Instagram - so many people posting so many pictures in so many different ways. Hours can be lost viewing.

* Apps - my goodness what a variety. I've played around with different pedometers, language learning, health recording and sky viewing (free) apps and enjoyed every minute.

I wonder if there are any crochet apps or apps that tell me when to plant the veg? I tried a 'monitor your sleep' app and have worried myself that I'm not getting enough deep sleep and am waking up constantly!!

* calendar - I've a perfectly good diary where I record important meetings or events but now I also put them on my phone.

* Reminders - I make reminders to myself but as with paper reminders I forget they're there.

* Lists - I made myself a shopping list but then decided that my paper list was better as I was juggling my phone, trolley, keys and credit card while waltzing down the aisles of the shop.

* Siri - my phone talks to me - how clever is that! Set a timer for half an hour please.
OK timer is set for half an hour. Clever, clever, clever. And it also tells me that it is there to please me when I say thank you to it. :)

* Internet - whoa it's a mini computer and I can use it as such. I think I prefer to use my laptop for serious work as the screen is large enough for my eyes to see clearly.

I can swipe and swish now with the best of them and there's probably heaps more to play around with.


I don't think I've actually phoned many people with it though.


  1. Your right we use it for loads of things but don't make many calls, I watsapp my grandson, which is free over wifi.

  2. I love my I-Phone, I even Skype my daughter in Japan on it.

  3. I'm glad you are enjoying your new phone. I don't like getting new things because I've usually only just mastered the last one and have to learn something new. I've had to replace my camera and the new one is blowing my mind. Have fun.
    Anne xx

  4. Pity you don't have the Classic Words (scrabble) app on iPhone4 - I'm addicted...

  5. I have un-set all the talky bits of my phone so it no longer bleeps at me all the time, but, like you, I dont actually talk to many people, but I can check my emails when I'm away from home (can't actually read them as type is too small, but I can check them), and FB, and play solitaire.

  6. Ha! The joys of technology!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  7. Mmmm think I'm glad to manage without! - at least for the time being

  8. My tablet was bought for me to paint from uploaded photos. I can read blogs, but some days all I get is the background and no way I can comment. Today the weather gods must be letting me. Sheesh. Have fun.


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