Friday, 10 April 2015

From my seat

It is a lovely warm day and a sit in the garden room is in order. To my right are the tomato plants which will be planted in the greenhouse tomorrow. These were grown from last year's seed and have been potted on twice.

To my left is our stone pot collection and in the corner pot is a rain stick which is a kind of musical instrument (don't look too closely).

Above me is an orchid in a hanging, homemade wooden basket and the hanging plant that used to be in the kitchen. It has a few flowers about to burst forth on it.

In front of me are our visitors just chilling. All is well.

We have been out and about this week and here is another 'from my seat spectacular' at Lytham on the little jetty.

This pic is before I sat down!

To my left. Very peaceful.

 Straight ahead.

To my right looking back towards Blackpool.

Here is the shore behind me.

Hope it stays warm for the planting tomorrow - there's weeding to be done too.


PS Welcome new followers.
PPS I did warn you not to look too closely didn't I?


  1. I love your handmade wooden basket, and the stone pots, my tomatoes will be potted on again tomorrow :-)

  2. What a lovely space your greenhouse is; we're planning on building one later this year, can't wait!

  3. Great stone pots, your tomatoes are so big already, I'm envious.


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