Sunday, 13 April 2014

Storing homemade bread

I store my home baked bread in an ordinary plastic carrier bag. I twist the top or clip it and then that bag goes into ...

… a cotton bag as I don't have a bread bin. (I don't particularly want a bread bin.)

The bag just hangs on one of the hooks in the kitchen. The other cotton bag holds clothes pegs.

One of my loaves lasts two of us 2 to 3 days.



  1. I stopped using my bread bin (tin) as it made the bread go mouldy faster so you've got the right idea. Your bread looks delicious - I must get the breadmaker out again, I'm too lazy to hand make it!! XX

  2. Thanks Mum, love the basket on the counter, can we see more of your kitchen please, it looks lovely xx

  3. haven't tried a cotton bag, just the plastic, we like it the 1st day, but not afterwards, I also haven't added anything like lecithin to help preserve it, maybe the cotton you used would help us (?).

  4. I wrap mine in clingfilm/saran wrap then sit it in the mini oven...the remaining loaves sit in the freezer.
    Jane x


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