Sunday, 6 October 2013


- the short and the long of it.

Here's the short.

I wasn't going to read it but I did. I wanted to know why someone would write a novel about such a subject. I read it and finished it but didn't really enjoy it even though it was well written. Is this the real world?

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  1. Even tho' you didn't enjoy it did you find the answer to your question?

  2. It sounds like one of those books where the blurb grabs your attention.

  3. Just discovered your fab blog. I read this novel quite a while ago and was truly traumatised by it! Even now it makes me feel extremely sad, maybe because I have two boys of a similar age. I read a lot and often cannot remember much about a book once I start the next but I can still clearly remember this book and especially the end. Suzanne

  4. I really love the authors books but also find that she has the ability to reach inside me and really wound, shock and yes, even traumatise me. I know these awful things happen in the big wide world but they dont in my small one. Her book "It" has stayed with me forever. Some of hers which involve children, i no longer read and put back on the shelf. I did read and can recommend her latest book "The Storyteller".


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