Monday, 21 October 2013

Old and rusty but not useless

DH found this in the garage (where things that might come in handy are stored) and brought it in to the house. It may be old and rusty but it comes in very handy for opening bottles and it brings back memories too.

Here's another old and rusty item, which must have been very useful to someone at sometime. It's useful as an ornament on the dresser now. It will 'last' for ages.

This horseshoe, which was in the garden when we bought the house, is still very useful in that it catches all the good luck that passes by! It lives in the greenhouse.



  1. Don't see many horseshoes about now days, love old things :) xx

  2. That's just like looking at my place, I have all three of those but I love the bottle opener best. Suzy x

  3. Duh! I was just going to ask if that second item is a last. I'm really not with it today.

  4. Oh my, that shoe repairing thingy brings back memories. My dad used to bash the blakies in the heels of our shoes on a thing like that.
    Can't remember the correct name for it and Blakies might not be spelt like that, but you get my drift. lol

  5. My Mum and Dad had a last...I haven't seen one in years! We have a horseshoe hanging on the barn...perhaps I should bring it to the house.
    Jane x

  6. I remember the Corona pop man coming round on a Friday night! x

    1. Two Tango and two Dandelion and Burdock please.


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