Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The list grows ...

... for the Virtual Tea Party Hosts

I have a feeling we may have a good time


and it's also Feather Duster's birthday the day after so it's a double celebration. I've been sorting through my cake stands and tablecloths and looking up cake recipes to try. I shall cook a batch of scones this afternoon, I think.



    >'.'<   /
 ( ___)/


Any more  - hosts or keyboard pictures?



  1. I love tea parties and using matching crockery sets. I only have one tea set of 6 but my older sister (married to a minister) has at least 50 cup, saucer & plate sets that get used often. Cake stands and tablecloths set the scene and usually everyone behaves just that little bit more ladylike on the day - except when there is only one scone with jam and cream left. Enjoy you day. Clever pictures.

  2. Gosh, it all sounds very fancy....hope my humble offerings don't embarrass!
    Jane x

  3. You can have a virtual glass of wine and a virtual nibble of cheese at my open studio? Would that be acceptable?

  4. Oh, yes please, I would love to join in. I am very partial to a cup of tea, piece of cake and a chat! Lesley x

  5. Hello Mum
    Hopefully I'll be able to have something on the table by then - also hoping the weather warms up by then.
    Take care


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