Monday, 8 April 2013

Share the Bloggy Love Around

Yeah, yeah, the Spring Fest is on and thank you to all who left a comment yesterday. I'm frantically thinking what I can take pictures of to celebrate this season. And talking of 'frantic' ...

... I've just been on FM's blog and read this post. In the comment section I see that we have another blogger who is willing to crochet some squares for the blanket. Many thanks to Frantic's antics. Do pop over and visit her. I really enjoyed reading her blog. She's certainly contracted the crochet bug.

As FM says 'Share the Bloggy Love Around'.

Let's share - yeah yeah
the ups, the downs, the laughs, the frowns
Let's share the Bloggy Love Around.

Let's share - yeah yeah
the thoughts, the skills, the stories, the thrills
Let's share the Bloggy Love Around.

Yeah, yeah - I'll stop now!

spring comments -


  1. You do make me giggle, I can just picture you waving your arms about and chanting yeah yeah!

  2. Good news about the blanket.

    I am looking forward to the Spring Fest. Is it on the 5th May?

    Sft x


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